Wednesday, July 22, 2009

moving forward

Greetings and salutations from Lord Valdis of Gotland.
We did not hit our goal for monies this year on the runestone project. This does not mean the project is done, it simply means we will continue to raise the funds until next year and start to carve on it then. This works out much easier for those involved as well.
Thank you to those that have already donated and I look forward to others who feel this is a worthy project and are able to support it financially.
The artwork for the stone is done and will be on display as well as a 1/3 scale runestone that we will be working on at pennsic at booth 64, Shrewwood. You can make your donations there as we will have pendants for donations over $100 or $200.
Please stop by the booth and visit us.
See you at war.
Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland

Monday, June 29, 2009


Greetings and salutations from Lord Valdis of Gotland, coordinator of the Pennsic Runestone Project.
The Runestone Project is where we will be erecting a 9 ton stone in memory of those members who have passed before. It is a community carving project where many will be able to carve a section of the artwork in stone. You do not have to have any artistic or carving background as we will show you how to carve the stone before we turn you loose.
We are in dire need financially to make this project a possibility. The purchase of stone, tools and insurance is close to $6000.00 and we have not received half of that money and are less than a month out from Pennsic. This project is still a go as long as people hear about it and feel compelled to donate. To those people that have donated, thank you for your support. Please if you feel this is a worthwhile effort and wish to help make it a reality for this year, please donate to the link below. If we do not raise the monies we will continue to raise funds through next year and raise the stone whenever we have enough money. I personally would like to see this worthy cause start this year.
All donation helps, I realize the economy is tough and many are saving for Pennsic, however if only 200 people would donate $25 each, we would have the monies needed to start this year.
For those that are able to donate more money, $100 donors will receive a bronze pendant carved by Mistress Shrew and casted by Crafty Celts and for donations of $200 and over those individuals will receive the same pendant in silver.
Donations may be made at PayPal using our email address of or you may go to and link PayPal from there. Snail mail donations (checks or money orders) may be sent to Baroness Bromwyn Acthorn at:Pennsic Runestone
Marilyn Pannell 91 SMEShippensburg, PA 17257

Please keep updated on our activities at
Please feel free to post on our blog.
Please forward this missive to any and all list you belong too.
Thank you for your help in this project.

Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland

Monday, June 22, 2009

Greetings and salutations from Lord Valdis of Gotland.
We are entering the last month of fund raising for the runestone project and are still very short.
This project is going to cost just over six thousand dollars to get the stone purchased and delivered. We need to purchase tools and insurance and some other odd and ends.
If this is a project close to your heart feel free to make a donation through our paypal account or you may send a check at the address in the first post. For donations of $100, you will receive a token casted in bronze by Crafty Celts in the shape of a runestone. For donations of $200, you will receive the same token but it is casted in silver. Any and all donations are needed and appreciated, please feel free to send what you can afford.
Thank you to those people that have already donated money to this project. Please pass this website around to as many people as you can as we are trying to get the was word out as fast as possible.
This website is accessed through
Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland


Here is the stone we picked out from the local quarry in Butler, PA. It is approximately 9 tons and will be just over 11 feet long and approximately 3 feet across. There is a close up to show you the beautiful color of this PA sandstone. I have a few pieces that I have practiced on and while it is not the best stone to carve it will work very nicely. I am very excited about this project and cannot wait to get the stone on site and start chipping away at it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Greetings and salutations unto the Known World.

I am Lord Valdis of Gotland, coordinator of the Pennsic Memorial Runestone. I would like to take a quick minute to describe our project and let you know how you can make a contribution financially or physically.

This is a community project, in the sense that the community of Pennsic 38, you will be carving the stone with the assistance of some carvers who will be on hand. The stone is approximately 9 tons and will stand over 7 feet tall when erected.

The wording, written and translated into runes by Magistra Fiana of Clare, is as follows:

'The People of the Folk-Assembly (Society) raised this stone in order to give honor to those who have walked these fields and fallen. We will meet again.'

The artwork will includes viking elements of war and passage into an afterlife. There will be no religious references or personal names on the stone as it honors all who have walked with us. Each day for 4 hours we will have the runestone available for anyone to carve upon the stone. The artwork will be laid out already and tools will be provided as well as instruction with practice stones available for you to become comfortable with carving before moving to the main stone.

For those groups that wish to carve together whether in memory of someone or socially, we will block off time for groups of 10 or more. Whether you want to carve the stone in memory of someone or simply to have the opportunity to carve a period style stone with period tools, you are welcome.

Now, financials...unfortunately these types of projects cost money. For the tools, insurance, stone and delivery of the stone we need to raise around $6000 (six thousand dollars) in a short amount of time. For those individuals that donate a hundred dollars or more we will have a pendant in the shape of the runestone in bronze cast by Crafty Celts, for those individuals that donate two hundred dollars we will have the same pendant in silver, again cast by Crafty Celts. While six thousand dollars seems like alot to raise in less than two months it is less than a hundred individuals who feel moved to help sponsor this worthy cause. Any donation in any amount is needed and appreciated.

Donations made be made at PayPal using our email address of or you may go to and link PayPal from there. Snail mail donations (checks or money orders) may be made to:
Marilyn Pannell
Baroness Bromwyn Acthorn
91 SME
Shippensburg, PA 17257

I will be posting more to the Pennsic runestone website as we move forward. The site is designed as a blog so we may discuss different elements of the runestone but more importantly I want to hear stories of our members who have passed and why you are inspired to donate or help carve with your hands...remember you do not have to donate to carve on the stone although your financial support is appreciated.

Please help spread the word of this project by forwarding to SCA list and friends so that we may reach our goal quickly and have the stone delivered and honor those scadians who are no longer with us.

Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland
East Kingdom