Wednesday, July 22, 2009

moving forward

Greetings and salutations from Lord Valdis of Gotland.
We did not hit our goal for monies this year on the runestone project. This does not mean the project is done, it simply means we will continue to raise the funds until next year and start to carve on it then. This works out much easier for those involved as well.
Thank you to those that have already donated and I look forward to others who feel this is a worthy project and are able to support it financially.
The artwork for the stone is done and will be on display as well as a 1/3 scale runestone that we will be working on at pennsic at booth 64, Shrewwood. You can make your donations there as we will have pendants for donations over $100 or $200.
Please stop by the booth and visit us.
See you at war.
Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland